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The 2nd Consortium meeting of MEDIS took place on the 3rd and 4th of September 2018 in Athens

Christina Ioannou, KMOP and Denisa Gibovic, WUSMED welcomed the participants and outlined the topics to be discussed at this meeting and thanked all partners for the good progress of all project activities up to this meeting. The results show the potential to find good use in the planned pilots.

The main objectives of the 2nd consortium meeting were:
– to discuss profoundly the MEDIS handbook which the basis for the WP2 (training materials; MEDIS programme)
– manage the closure of the WP1 and the start of the upcoming WP2 activities
– plan the next steps
– revise open technical and financial issues.


Education is the present and the future of our society

Medis project has an innovative approach related to the creation of the training materials and methodology for the entire educational community connected with migrant children (educators, schools, pedagogues, local administration, etc.) based on the exchange of best practices realized all over Europe and the adaptation of the existing methodologies to the specific needs of the MEDIS schools. The newly created training programme will be accessible on a MOOC MEDIS platform.


“A MEDIS School is an inclusive educational centre that prioritizes empowering, collaboration and networking of the students as individuals in a social network of inclusive citizens.”



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