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Welcome to the MOOCS MEDIS!

Massive Online Open Course MEDIS is an ERASMUS+ project aimed to find pedagogical proposals to avoid social exclusion. Mainly for migrant pupils. We improve teaching skills and offer inclusive methodologies needed by the educational community.

What do I learn?

This course is based on a collection of Good Practices coming from the partner MEDIS countries (Catalunya-Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus). Each selected practices corresponds to one MOOC unit.

Main concepts

Empowering: positive management of conflicts, self-knowledge, personal action plans and social habilities.
Rooting to the net: integral education, coordinated with the environment and community projects.
Getting in touch: restorative groups, focus group on hot topics, participatory groups.


How it runs?

MEDISMOOC runs in two ways: as a regular MOOC (completely online) and as a blended course, with two face to face sessions: one at the beginning and one at its end, conducted by the MEDIS partner experts based in Girona. To take part in the blended version, please address the contact partner convenient in each country.

The units are independent and interrelated. The following steps need to be undertaken by each MOOC participant:

1. Read the pdf attached with the full description of the good practice of your interest.
2. Watch the related video at least once.
3. Answer the self-evaluation form * for better understanding of the practice and to make a reflection on it.
4. If necessary, watch the video again.
(*) The evaluation has two parts: the first (evaluation form) is aimed at the comprehension of the presented practice, the second one (final evaluation) proposes you the possibility to apply something similar to this good practice in your daily work.

After finishing all the units, one questionnaire will appear requesting, if possible, to pilot some of the good practices, to consolidate ideas, to share experiences in order to grow, all together, you and the MEDIS team, in the crucial work to promote the social inclusion.
Feel free to connect with the authors of the units, if you need more information or simple, if you want to do so.

Erasmus+ Co funded Project number: 592206-EPP-1-2017-1-ES-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN
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