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Are you teacher,
social educator or psycologist?

We are looking for the best
practices of social inclusion
in the schools of Catalonia and others *

If you are doing a good job with your students and you have a good relationship with social integration in schools…

put your grain of sand

We are looking for experiences in good social inclusion practices that you have been able to implement with your students at school.

* Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Cyprus. These are the countries chosen since they are the countries that promote the MEDIS project.

What do you have to do?

1. Record an informal video
with your telephone or home camera,
explaining a good practice for social
inclusion that works with your students.

2. Send your video to

3. Good luck!
Win a tablet for your school,
or travel to the final
conference of MEDIS in Barcelona.

Check the legal bases and prizes here!

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