Legal Bases

2019/2020 EDITION

The consortium of the MEDIS project, coordinated by World University of the Mediterranean, with registered address Camí de Can Boada 24, 17820 Banyoles, Girona, Catalonia, Spain with CIF. G55102347 (“WUSMED”) summon the first edition of the Scholar Contest “MEDIS Schools #Medis” (the “Contest”) which will rule the following legal bases (the “Bases”).

The bases are complement with legal warning, the privacy policy and the cookies policy, which have to be accepted wholeheartedly before the contest participation and once they have been accepted they will be considered included in the bases for the appropriate legal effect.


The contest has the goal to promote good practices of social inclusion in the primary and secondary schools in the Mediterranean area, turning them into MEDIS schools responsible for the need of the social inclusion of migrant children in the Mediterranean countries, making them organizations which promote the adaptation of newcomers in their school environments.
Each competitor can only compete with a video, and will not be able to participate in two different categories. The video may compete for the Best Social Inclusion Practice Award targeting migrant students in: Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Portugal.
The subject of the video must be related to the practice of techniques and other methods of social integration of migrant children in schools, showing examples of how to do a better integration of newcomers. Videos related with other topics will not be accepted.
The Contest is aimed at Primary Education teachers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th courses), Secundary Education teachers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, courses)social educators and psychologists who work in schools/high schools interested in this subject of the set of all Education Centers in each participant country in the project (Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Cyprus) reason why it is of European scope.
The contest inscription will be managed by the teacher who wishes to take part in accordance with the clause 4.


The key dates of the competition are the following ones:
• The inscription and reception of the video will take place between November 1, 2019 and March 30, 2021, both included.
• Before April 15, 2021, the national jury will select three finalists of each country; one from each country.
• Before April 28, 2021 the international jury will choose the winner of each country.
• In May of 2021, the winners of the Contest will enjoy the National Prize.
WUSMED reserves the right to extend or modify any or all of the previous dates If it considers it is necessary in accordance with the regime provided for in clause 12.


Participation in the Contest will require the express acceptance of the Bases published on the Contest website (
WUSMED reserves the right to disqualify the participants that break them and, especially, any participation that goes against these bases.
By accepting these Bases, the participants understand the terms and conditions and agree to comply with the current regulations that may be of this application in this regard, so that by participating in the Contest consent to undergo The Bases and legality in a total and irrevocable way.
The statement of the participant that states the opposite, regardless of the moment in which it is done, implies the exclusion of the participation in the contest and the release of WUSMED of any commitment acquired with the participant.
The bases are available on the web for anyone who wants to consult them.


Participation in the Contest is free, voluntary and requires the observance and fulfilment of the requirements related below:
I. Send to by email or download link / check (WeTransfer, Drive…) a video for each teacher/ educator/ psychologist in accordance with the requirements described in clause 6 and during the period of inscription and reception indicated in clause 2.
II. By submitting de video, these legal bases will be considered accepted.
III. Each teacher can register their video, being limited the participation in the Contest to one work per each teacher.
IV. Fulfil any other requirements established in the bases.


It may participate in one category per country:
Category A: “Better practice of social integration of the territory in schools at national level”
Category B: “Better practice of social integration of the territory in schools at European level”
Only the 6 finalist in Category A will participate.


The participants will have to create a video, based on good practices of social inclusion in the schools of the Mediterranean.
Each teacher will have to send online via email, their video.
The video that participates in MEDIS Schools #Medis will respond to the following requirements:
1. Format: Can choose between:
• A video standard format (mp4, avi, .mov) that are recorded with domestic cameras and mobile devices. Lasting between 1 to 15 minutes max.
2. Technique:
• Free, participants will be able to choose all the techniques they can have access to, from the most traditional as a sequence of photos to any computer program that allows them to treat images and videos (Photoshop, online editors, etc.)
3. Shipping: via online through the emails mentioned in clause 4, accompanied by a title that will not exceed 140 characters.
Regarding the selected original works of the national phase, and as long as they consider that physical presentation is needed to add more value, it will be necessary to send so that a more comprehensive evaluation can be carried out by the jury state. WUSMED will not assume the costs of the shipments.
In no case and under any circumstances WUSMED will be responsible for the content of the works presented in the Contest, which will be responsible solely and directly responsible to the participants with total indemnity for WUSMED.


National Phase
Before January 30, the project jury of each country participating in the MEDIS project will select in each country a maximum of 3 finalists from April 15, 2020 can be desert If they do not meet the evaluation criteria set by the national juries.
European Phase
Among all the work that had been finalist in each national phase, a winner will be chosen for each country that will be receive de National Prize.
The selection of the winners of the Contest will take place before February 28, 2020.


The winner of the Contest in each phase will be chosen by jurors who will be formed by MEDIS members ( , who will value the works presented according to the following criteria:
In addition to these criteria will be considered and assessed positively that the work is recorded with the participation of users of the social inclusion techniques.
The work not presented in appropriate format specified in the Bases for questions of incompatibility of support or copyright and that do not comply with the other requirements of the clause 6 or indicated in these bases will be declared null.
The decision of the jurors is unappealable.
WUSMED will contact the winners of the national phase and the winners of the international phase by email, in order to inform them that they pass to the final state phase or have been the international winners, as appropriate.
Once the winning works are selected, they will be published on the Contest website and also in any other place or support, in accordance with the provisions of clause 11.


Award of participation: All the practiced received that are deemed relevant, will be awarded with a diploma “Best Practices of Social Integration of All Territories” as well a their promotion on the website
NATIONAL Award: Each nationally award-winning will receive a Tablet valued at 100€ IVA included that will contribute to the benefit of the activity for the entire classroom. These prizes will not be exchangeable in cash, assuming WUSMED the maximum expected expense. There will be a maximum of 6 prizes, one for each country participating in the MEDIS project (Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Portugal), the prizes may be left unqualified If the participants do not meet the assessment criteria.
EUROPEAN Award: Trip to Barcelona for 2 persons at the final conference of MEDIS valued at 750€ IVA included. The results off the different social integration practices that have been carried out in Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Portugal will be presented. A perfect place to share with other educators and seek new opportunities for collaborations. This prize will contribute to the benefit of the educational center, the persons who can attend are the winner in question and another teacher or another from the educational center. In case that the winner can not attend the trip, 2 persons of the education center will enjoy it.
These prizes will not be exchangeable in cash, assuming WUSMED the maximum expected expense. There will be a maximum of 6 prizes, one for each country participating in the MEDIS project (Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Portugal), the prize may be left unqualified If the participants do not meet the assessment criteria.
The prizes may not be in any case subject to change, alteration or compensation , at the request of the winner.
WUSMED reserves the right to not deliver the prize to anyone that deals with, or comes to, defrauding, altering or rendering unusable to proper functioning and the normal and regulatory course of the Contest.


According to the processing of personal data made within the framework of the Contest, including both identifiers and specifically images and voices, the website’s Privacy Policy is applicable.
Additionally, by the acceptance of the Bases, the participating teachers, transfer to WUSMED, exclusively, for free, worldwide, without limitation of time, with the right to transfer to thirds, the rights of image that may It corresponds as a consequence of it participation in the Contest, in order to manage its participation in the Contest, the publicity of the same and its results.
Therefore, in terms of the purpose announced in the previous paragraph, the participant accepts the totality of uses, including public communication or any form of exploitation by WUSMED, who may have the images using known media and technical supports at present and those that could be developed in the future, and for any application, including in this sense of possibility of publishing., reproducing or sharing the images, or part of them, in the media or platforms owned by thirds or WUSMED, which are set forth in a non-exhaustive manner:
• Own social networks or third parties: WUSMED community or other groups of WUS that WUSMED belongs to like Twitter, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Linkedin.
• Web:
• Advertising: through brochures, press articles and advertising displays in audiovisual media such as TV and radio.
Participating teachers express themselves under their own responsibility, with total indemnity for WUSMED, having rescinded the express consent of all third parties that appear in the submitted works (in the case of the minors, their parents or legal guardians), for the transfer of the personal data and image rights to WUSMED with the same purposes as set out in the preceding paragraphs.
However, WUSMED reserves the right to request to the third parties once again to authorize the transfer of their rights to image and data processing. Since this is known as a faculty and not as an obligation, under no circumstances WUSMED should assume no responsibility in case of not doing so.


The video submitted in the Contest will be on the website of the for didactic purpose, of education.
By participating in the Contest, the participants assign to WUSMED, exclusively, all exploitation rights without excluding any of them, about the works submitted to the Contest, so that WUSMED is authorized to fix, edit, reproduce, distribute, make available to the public, communicate to the public and transform this material, the intervention of the material and any element of the material itself, in whole or in part, for itself or for third parties -which, therefore, covered the cession to third parties, in any medium, support or platform, throughout the world, during the time allowed by the applicable legislation, without receiving any compensation.
The participants guarantee the peaceful use of the assigned rights and, in particular, that the works or trademarks contained in the work provided do not have any exclusive right or protection of third parties that prevent or may impair WUSMED. By virtue of this, the participant agrees to keep WUSMED unwarranted with respect to the costs, expenses, claims of compensation, obligations or damages that are derived from actions of third parties before WUSMED to understand violated such rights.
The authors of the participating videos will be placed under a Creative Commons license that will entail:
Recognition (* Attribution): In any exploitation of the work authorized by the license it will be necessary to recognize the authorship.
Non Commercial (* commercial): The exploitation of the work is limited to non-commercial uses.
Share Equally (* Share alike): Authorized exploitation includes the creation of derivative works provided they have the same license to be disclosed.
These works will be under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.
Teachers make, in respect to the rights of exploitation of the contributions of the students, the same manifestation that made with regard to the treatment of their personal data and image rights; that is, they are authorized for the transfer of the exploitation rights mentioned in favour of WUSMED with the same scope as foreseen in the first paragraph of this clause 11.


WUSMED reserves the right to make modifications or to add annexes on these bases in relation to their mechanics and prize, as long as they are justified or do not harm the participants, they are made during the period of validity of the contest, and they are communicated to them duly.
If unexpectedly or by force majeure, the contest can not be carried out in any of the terms specified in these bases, WUSMED is not responsible, without any other obligation for WUSMED. In this case, WUSMED may opt for the publication of a new mechanics by the same means for the initial dissemination of the contest or the cancellation of the contest, without any responsibility for WUSMED. In addition, WUSMED is not responsible for the malfunctioning of the web.


If any forecast of these Bases is declared, totally or partially, null or ineffective this nullity or inefficiency affects only this disposition or the part of the provision that is null or ineffective, and in all the others Things remain the rest. This disposition or the portion of the provision that is affected is considered non-established, unless, because it is essential to these bases, it must affect them in an integral way.


These bases must be interpreted and governed in accordance with Spanish legislation. For any dispute arising from the existence, access, use or content of the bases, the participant and WUSMED expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that corresponds to them, and must be submitted to the jurisdiction and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and courts of Girona, Spain.